Technology has become intertwined with every marketplace, and the logistics industry is certainly not an exception. How it operates has totally changed over the years, and it is set to experience more technological advancements in the next five years. It is impossible to ignore how technology has revolutionized the same day delivery marketplace. The rapid change has resulted in a much more efficient business process that delivers greater value to customers while transforming their user experience. So if you’re looking for same day delivery couriers in Brisbane or any other part of Australia, make sure that they are modern, tech-savvy and well equipped to deliver on demand.

What has technology done so far?

Higher demands regarding shipping times have pushed the courier industry to embrace new technologies. Automated cranes are being used to transport containers from ship to shore. Integrated with artificial intelligence, they operate with programmed software or are remotely controlled. These cranes save time and reduce the risk of injury or accident. GPS and tracking tools have made live tracking possible for operators of all sizes in the logistics industry. 

What will delivery be like in the next five years?

New technologies are already coming up, and the future is set to make same day delivery much more efficient and at lighting speed. 

Drone delivery 

The latest robotic technology, drone delivery, has made headlines as a success with Amazon, and the future looks good for drones in the shipping industry. For example, if your health facility is located in Gold Coast you need to deliver medical supplies to difficult geographical locations or rural areas, an urgent medical courier in Gold Coast can use drone delivery for easy fulfilment.

A Drone is flying in the sky with a shipping trolley underneath

Automated trucks and vans

Since we have self-driving cars, don’t be surprised to see driverless trucks and vans taking over the delivery world. A high turnover of drivers is required for long distance deliveries. Autonomous technology can be used to support drivers on these demanding journeys.

Smart package lockers 

Smart package lockers will offer package safety for consumers. Buyers will be alerted by automated notifications when a package is ready to be picked up. Tracking will be easier at every location through automation.They will be available 24/7 and offer better and more flexible service.

Last-mile software 

 By relying on last-mile software, courier services will be able to improve the packing process. The software will revise shipping ideas that will ensure the safe delivery of packages.

What technology will be the same after five years?

Some technology trends will remain the same in years to come and will merely be improved upon. For example, GPS tracking is likely to be around for a very long while. This is because these trackers are not restricted by cellular coverage. They rely solely on satellite communication to track delivery drivers. This makes it a technological trend worth holding onto. Courier management software like Shipsy is another example of a technology trend that will remain. This software helps courier companies cope with next-day or same-day demands, by automating processes and accelerating sorting, allocation, and processing. 

Thankfully, the era of one-month delivery has well and truly ended. Today’s customers are highly demanding and expect the same speed of delivery with a face-to-face retail interaction. Whether you seek to offer same-day or next-day delivery services, you must utilize the right technology and keep up to date with the next tech release in the courier industry.