Courier Services: A Brief History

There have been significant changes throughout the courier service industry over the years, all of which have aligned with ever changing product types, customer expectations and business demand. The rich history of the courier service industry uncovers a lot of interesting characteristics you may not have previously known. 

Truth be told, services looked a lot different than they do currently. E-commerce businesses have seen a speedy surge across the globe, meaning that courier services have to keep up with the demands of the customer. The easier and quicker the service, the more promising the relationships become between courier and customer, but what are the most notable changes between the courier service industry and the industry over 100 years ago?


Courier Services Then and Now

100 years ago, stagecoaches such as the Pony Express and the Railway Express Agency were the very first glimmer of well-organised delivery services in many countries across the globe. This was before the invention of the engine, and animals were relied on for moving goods and delivering mail. In the 17th and 18th Century dogs were commonly used to transport parcels around; up to ten dogs at a time would be carrying goods weighing hundreds of kilos! Horseback was the the most common form of transport for most major deliveries in The Middle Ages, but it would still take around six weeks for a letter to travel from London to Naples.

In 1975 there was a noticeable shift in the courier service industry, which was the beginning of the modern package delivery industry. New technology and enhancements allowed timed delivery slots, next day services and much more!


Same-Day Delivery Wasn’t An Option!

In the past, you might expect a parcel to take days and months to be delivered. Nowadays, you can receive a parcel in just one day, even when it’s being transported from one part of the world to another. The courier service industry today now offers same-day delivery too, which is cheaper and faster than it has ever been in the past.


Today’s Couriers Are Speedy and Communicative

Nowadays, there are highly dependable community-focused couriers such as SUB60 Couriers, who offer same-day delivery and online booking systems. SUB60 also act as a reliable source for local information and encourages engagement within the community too. Although courier services were popular and highly sought after many years ago, speedy response times, online systems and high-level customer service communications that are present today certainly weren’t in play all of those decades ago!


The Evolution

In the modern day, the courier service industry now uses technology to allow quicker, more secure and more efficient deliveries. This is because the evolution of courier services has had to adapt and align with the demands of consumers. The types of products that are being transported are different, expectations are higher, there is more advanced technology available and better communication options too.


The Goals Remain The Same

Although there has been a clear evolution with regards to courier services over the years, they all have one singular goal in common. Meet the delivery needs of the customer and provide a reliable service which gets something from A to B in a reliable and time effective manner. Expectations continue to evolve, so it’s safe to say courier services nowadays will always strive to keep up with their loyal customers.