Radioactive Courier Service

Our radioactive courier services stretch as far south as the Tweed Coast and cover the entire Brisbane to Gold Coast region.

SUB60 Radioactive Transport collects and delivers multiple radioactive packages every week, providing radioactive transport services to different clients. We offer 24 hours delivery services.

Our professional radioactive courier teams have completed the best in training to comply with the highest of Industry standards, regulations and requirements. Our vehicles are satellite tracked, so you don’t have to worry about any hassles or problems during the movement of your radioactive materials. You can rely on SUB60’s radioactive courier service for the safe transport and shipments of radioactive materials in Australia.

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About Radioactive Couriers

At SUB60 Couriers, we know that the transporting radioactive materials, especially type C packages are complicated shipments due to the radioactive substances that every section of the materials have. This is why the radioactive material transport is required to pass through a number of checkpoints to ensure safe transport before loading them on trains, trucks, planes, and ships to be transferred.

From drivers to admin members, the entire SUB60 team have received training in radioactive transport, so you can rest assured that our staff know how to handle shipments with radioactive substances. We also have insurance ready in case of any unforeseeable accidents during the transport of radioactive material.

Our transport regulations consultants can help you with the following for the transport of radioactive material and products:

  • Radioactive Security Plans
  • Radioactive Labelling
  • Dangerous Material & Goods Documents
  • License Applications
  • International Sea Service
  • Domestic Air Service
  • International Air Service
  • Licensing Road Carrier

Radioactive Transport Safety

Transport of radioactive substances affect not only the companies who handle the material transport, but also the persons around the facilities. These parties must ensure they follow the proper application and safe transport of materials to control any radioactive substance, such as uranium oxide concentrate, from getting into the air, exposing people to radiations and wasting the substance.

At SUB60 couriers, we make sure to follow Australia’s regulations when it comes to the transport of radioactive material. Every person in our company is protected by radiation protection law because we want to also watch out for our people, like how we take care of your radioactive material package.

Get in touch with our team and we can answer all your questions regarding the radioactive material transportation. We will also provide you with all the information that you need so you can rest easy while we can get started on preparing your consignments. You can view our full list of prohibited goods for delivery below.

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