We recommend that all of our clients take up a transit insurance to protect their goods for loss or damage in transit.
To request a transit insurance quote for domestic or overseas shipments please email

Sub 60 Couriers – Disclaimer of Liability

No responsibility will be accepted by Sub 60 Couriers for any loss of or damage to or misdelivery or failure to deliver or delay in the delivery of goods either in transit or in storage for any reason.
Without derogating from the foregoing disclaimer of liability, Sub 60 Couriers shall not be liable for any loss of market, loss of use, or consequential loss, concealed damage or damage caused by the inherent nature of the goods or merchandise carried, either in transit or in storage, whether caused by the negligence, wrongful act or default of Sub 60 Couriers or it’s agents or employees or by any other cause.
All the rights, immunities and limitations of liability granted to Sub 60 Couriers by the foregoing provisions shall continue to have their full force and effect in the circumstances of and notwithstanding any breach of contract by Sub 60 Couriers.
The foregoing provisions shall be read subject to any legislation, State or Federal, which may give rights to consumers, but except where repugnant to the provisions of such legislation, these conditions shall continue to apply.

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