When it comes to sending packages, there’s nothing worse than it going missing or getting damaged in transit. That’s why it’s important to spend your money wisely when picking a delivery service. Couriers are a fantastic way to get your packages, whatever the shape or size, to the destination in one piece. When choosing a courier service, it’s useful to pick a courier company that’s local to your area.


Why does a local courier service matter?

Based in Brisbane and Gold Coast, SUB60 offers a safe and secure delivery service for all its customers. No need to worry about anything getting lost or damaged en route and as a local company, you can rely on the very best service for those you deliver to. SUB60 prides itself on offering quick delivery and exceptional service to its local customers across Brisbane and the Gold Coast. As a community-focused brand, SUB60 is a reliable source when looking for local information and community engagement.


The advantages of using a local courier service

So why choose a local courier for your delivery needs? Whether you’re a business professional or an individual looking for a reliable service, here are some benefits to choosing a local courier service. 


Personalised customer service

When it comes to local services, you’re not just another number. With big companies that operate on a national or global scale, customer service can often get lost or pushed further down the list of priorities for such businesses to make. With SUB60, a local business understands the importance of customer service. With personalised customer service, you can book easily online and track your package as it leaves you and heads towards your final destination. There’s nothing better than having your own finger on the pulse when it comes to seeing our service in real time. When you choose us as your local courier service, you’re assisted from start to finish. Every stage of your courier journey is a positive one. That’s a promise.


Local market knowledge

As a local courier service, SUB60 has market knowledge of the area and an understanding of price points for customers who are looking for value for money. We ensure that all our costs are competitive to the market and deliver financial satisfaction for customers who need prices reflective of these current economic times. Not only do we want to deliver your packages safely and securely, but we also want to give you value for the money you spend on courier services. With SUB60, you won’t get lost in our systems, no matter how busy we get.

Community involvement

A big benefit of choosing SUB60 is that community involvement is something that we pride ourselves on. It’s always delightful to see a company giving back to the community by operating locally.  We care not just for the community, but for the environment as well. Making sure we operate our services with eco-efficiency is paramount and you can rest assured that our services help keep emissions low. We’re always on the lookout for how we could make our services more energy-efficient in the future.