When it comes to pharmaceuticals, safety should always be the most important consideration. The way pharmaceutical products are manufactured, packaged and delivered must be done in a way that maintains their quality and efficacy. One of the most crucial, but overlooked elements of pharmaceutical delivery is temperature. Climate control helps maintain the integrity of medicines, ensuring their safe transportation throughout the distribution process.

Sub60 Couriers provides an express courier service that’s ideal for transporting pharmaceutical products in a safe and climate-controlled way. Learn more about why climate-controlled pharmaceutical delivery is such an important factor for the industry.


Why does temperature matter in the pharmaceutical world?

Many pharmaceutical products are sensitive to temperature. From vaccines to types of antibiotics, the integrity of different medications can alter if they are exposed to temperature fluctuations. Some of the consequences include the medications becoming unstable or ineffective, and even becoming harmful.

If pharmaceutical products are compromised, it can not only render the medication unviable, but it can cause huge financial and reputational losses to businesses. There are also the risks that can come with a failure to deliver the medication, particularly when dealing with a high-risk situation.


What are the benefits of climate-controlled pharmaceutical delivery?

There are several reasons why climate-controlled pharmaceutical delivery is beneficial:

Peace of mind for healthcare providers

Healthcare professionals, including pharmacists, doctors, nurses and others rely on the integrity of medications to deliver effective treatments to their patients. The safe, climate-controlled delivery of medication gives healthcare providers the confidence that what they’re administering is safe, so that they can focus on other aspects of patient care. It can also help build some stronger relationships with suppliers, knowing they are trusted to deliver products that reinforce a commitment to quality healthcare. 

Increase patient confidence

It’s important for patients who rely on critical medication to receive reliable products. Knowing that pharmaceuticals have been delivered in a safe, climate-controlled environment can help build trust with providers, and leave patients feeling more confident in the products and treatment they receive.

Protect public health 

The safe delivery of medicines can be vital for safeguarding public health. In circumstances where there’s an urgent need for vaccines or treatments, such as the COVID-19 pandemic, delivering safe and effective vaccines becomes vital for responding to a potential crisis quickly. 

Avoid financial and environmental losses

Compromised products can be problematic financially and environmentally. The consequences of dealing with product recalls can be costly, and businesses also risk regulatory fines as a result of these failures. Pharmaceuticals need to be disposed of correctly and safely, which can come at a significant cost, while waste caused by compromised medication can also increase a company’s environmental footprint.

Sub60: The Pharmaceutical Delivery Experts

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