Ever wondered how Couriers get your deliveries to you on the same day?

A Brisbane courier’s main job duty is to deliver packages, but they also do other things. We’ll talk about what a typical day for a Brisbane courier is like:

Loading Facility

When a Brisbane courier starts their shift, the first thing they do is go to the loading facility. At the facility, they will get all of the packages they will deliver that day. Each courier service in Brisbane has its own way of making sure a courier is who they say they are. Usually, QR codes and license plates are used. Most places where packages are loaded will put them on carts that will be moved together. This helps the facility stay organized and keeps the courier from having to take long side trips. After the courier gets their cart, they’ll start putting packages in their vehicle. Most couriers drive big cars so they can carry more things, and many companies require them to have SUVs.

How to deliver

When everything is packed and ready to go, a Brisbane courier will start the central role of their job, which is delivery. Couriers don’t always take the same route, and they are using GPS to figure out where they need to go. When a courier gets to a place, they will try to hand-deliver a package to the right person. If that’s not possible, they’ll leave it either on the porch or in a safe place on the property, like with the receptionist. Either a scanner or a cell phone will be used to make sure that the package has been delivered. After all of the packages have been delivered, the courier can either return to the loading facility to carry out another load or go home. Because of the freedom, many people choose to become couriers. For services like next-day and same-day shipping, the key is to put locations near the customer.

Shipping in advance

Better inventory management is another idea that is becoming more popular. To put in nearby warehouses the things that people are most likely to order. The plan is to do most of the shipping before the customer buys the item. So, when a customer orders something, it gets to them faster. One example of this would be sending hurricane supplies to their own warehouses in Florida before hurricane season. If there isn’t a hurricane, the store would put the item on sale until it sells. The key to making this plan work is to put warehouses in the right places nearby. This lets the store do most of the shipping ahead of time.

Instant Tracking Capabilities

Instead of going for faster shipping, many shippers are going for constant tracking. This means that customers can get real-time updates on every step their package takes. Customers can choose between getting text messages, emails, and Google alerts. Most people who just want shipping they can count on are happy with this kind of notification system.

Customer Assist

The customer has the opportunity to help, especially best describing the locations of the pick-up and drop-off points with notes, making a smooth and swift delivery to avoid any complications.