We’ve all been there. You likely know the excitement that comes from hurriedly waiting for that parcel you’ve been excited about, be that a birthday present for your partner, a brand-new appliance for your kitchen, or perhaps even a bottle of ever-sought-after sriracha sauce from a company suffering supply issues.


Regardless of the parcel type and your desire to be transparent about its contents, two things are true: you expect your parcel to arrive, and you expect it on time.

As far as we’re concerned, that’s a fair outcome to expect. That said, the logistical chain we commonly take for granted relies on an expansive and complex network of parcel scanning, long-distance transportation, packaging and fulfilment centres, and of course, the behaviour of the end-recipient: you!

That’s right, you enjoy more control over the parcel-delivery process than you may realise. Luckily, the fine folks at Sub 60 Couriers are here to provide some helpful pointers so that your precious parcel encounters zero delays:


Ensure your shipping information is correct.

You’d be surprised how easy it is to miss a letter of your postcode, to misspell your street name, or to leave an outdated address on an old shopping account after you move residences. 

It’s always wise to double-check that your address has been formatted and spelt correctly before finalizing your checkout order, especially after updating it or using automatic-address inputs as some online vendors will provide. 

This will prevent the need for redeliveries or another household enjoying the privileges of your parcel.


Select the right delivery option.

Depending on the delivery options offered by your chosen online retailer and the delivery services they’ve partnered with, you may have access to more than one option.

For example, overnight delivery may be more expensive but will offer a shorter wait. However, make sure that you order before the time stated if making use of this feature, as no company can dispatch an item late at night and expect pickup and delivery before the next morning. 

If you’re unsure, be sure to contact the retailer and ask if they can provide your package before a certain date. In some cases, you can even select “unhurried deliveries,” allowing delivery within a week or two but saving you from added expenses.

Whatever option is suitable for you, always double-check before you confirm the final order.


Pre-Plan For Peak Seasons

As anyone that has worked in a profession highly influenced by peak seasons will know, the most gift-heavy times of the year – particularly Black Friday, Amazon Prime Day and Christmas – will always pre-empt a chaotic rush; especially in the logistics world.

That’s why it’s always healthy to pre-plan your gifts and order them sooner than most each year. Alternatively, don’t purchase items you need urgently later than logistics can provide for. This will ensure you have everything you need by the specific date, and couriers can reach you unimpeded.


christmas present


With this advice, you’re certain to guard against parcel delays and always receive your orders in pristine condition.

For more insight or to solicit an outstanding fulfilment and courier service, contact Sub 60 Couriers today!