When you get a new job as a courier, it’s tempting to try to be the very best you can be – and it’s exactly what you should do if you want to impress your boss! Everybody wants to be the best in their business, so how do you become one of the best couriers around? 

If you implement a combination of hard work and excellent reliability, the reputation will develop and it will help you to succeed in your new role. It will also increase your business potential and insure that you have your job for longer, so here are our top tips in helping you to achieve a becoming a good courier.

Always Charge a Fair Price

If you are working for yourself as a courier, the first thing that the customers are going to look for is the cost. If it’s excessive, they will look elsewhere and choose to take their business with them. Of course, many people don’t always choose the cheapest option, they look for what they are going to get for their money and balance the cost versus the product. Make it clear to people what you are able to do for them, and they will come.

Admin Is Important

You cannot skip out on your admin as a courier, because this is all necessary at the beginning of the job. You need to know where the product is going, when you should be delivering it, and whether you need a signature for delivery or not. As an extra security option, you can always take pictures of your delivery so that you can prove that you have delivered the product to the correct address at the correct time.

Dress For Success

Whether you are cycling or driving, couriers should be able to show the business that they come from. Wearing branded clothing and ensuring that you are dressed smartly but comfortably is a smart idea. You should always carry ID with you, and if you have a vehicle make sure that it’s clean on the inside and the outside.

Be Communicative

A true professional with somebody who is able to communicate with the customer and their client directly and promptly. Missing phone calls, refusing to answer messages, and even just being uncontactable when you are on route is one of the ways you could easily scupper yourself as a courier.

Be Efficient

Don’t be the Courier that throws parcels over the garden fence – nobody wants the goods to be smashed. Be efficient in your deliveries and ensure that you are following instructions from your customers and you really can’t go wrong. If you want to do one as a professional, you should be able to monitor traffic and understand the assignment given to you – that means planning ahead for your routes, letting the customer or the client know if there’s going to be any delays, and being efficient with it. Being prepared for any problems that could arise is important as clients rely on you to deliver their parcels, and recipients are waiting for the things to be delivered. Efficiency is key!